The Exception to the Rule

by aBSenCe of cERaMicS

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released June 15, 1987



all rights reserved


aBSenCe of cERaMicS Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Running Away
It's times like these I feel like dying
It hurts so much I need to cry
I know I'm to blame for my misfortune
But I just can't pin down the reason why.

It's so hard to live in today-
Too many pitfalls lie in the way,
and everything's always changin';
That's when I pick up and run away!

Runnin' away on my way to nowhere
Don't even give it a second glance
I can't even see where my home is...
Slow down, my heart,
or I may never have a chance.

I think it's time to turn away;
To go with the changes and live for today,
Keep on walking and never look back,
Open my heart to a brand new day.
Track Name: Dare to be Damned
Your body's dying day by day
Getting older, turning grey;
Day after day goes passing by
But you don't even know how to cry.

Each passing day becomes a chore,
A little harder than before.
Soon, your life will pass away-
Will you be content that day?

Dare to be Damned-
Is that all you're living for?
Dare to be Damned,
But there's someone at the door.
When you heard the knock, you ran.
I understand you dare to be damned!

Is pleasure all there is to fun?
You like to play your one-on-one.
Passing time, you're passing out-
Until you hear that trumpet shout!

Is that all there is?
Is that what you want?
Is eternal damnation your idea of fun?
Track Name: How Do I Know You Are Real?
The people I meet on the street
all got something in common
They're looking for truth, when, in truth,
they need someone to lean on.
They won't admit their feelings to a single soul;
They just keep getting deeper in the same old hole.

Chorus: Can't you hear me callin',
Lord, it seems that I am fallin',
but you just keep on stallin'.
I wish I could believe you
To trust you and receive you,
But God I can't conceive the way
You put me out on hold-
God I know I'm being bold,
But you just don't know how I feel!
How do I know you are real?

The folks that I see next to me
all seem so alone.
There are hundreds of people around
But they all seem like clones.
But they don't know what's hidden deep down in their souls
They just keep gettin' deeper in the same old hole.


Lord, I don't know how to show
that they're wrong about you.
They've had it all wrong all along-
They need to be made new.
Now, Jesus has the power to give them a better soul
and stop their getting deeper in the same old hole.

Chorus 2:Can you hear them callin'-
Lord you gotta stop their fallin'-
If only they'd stop stallin'.
I wish they could believe you,
To Trust you and receive you,
But they just can't conceive the way you
Loved them with your son,
God I know that you're the one
who can take away the pain they feel!
Lord, make them see you are real!
Track Name: We Cannot Pretend
On the other side of the wall
Live the guy from the Fall,
and the person you most want to see dead.
When that final time comes
all the "old men" will run
from the man who killed them when He bled
And your double-time life will fall apart
prey to the Man with the broken heart

And the sins of all mankind will be forgotten
Crushed under the feet of the Begotten,
And our lives will be pure with Him forever;
but the fallen will die - with a tear in their eye
life will end...
we cannot pretend.

When the perfect Man shows
and the trumpets will blow
all their lives will then wallow in dread
'cause the lives that they lived
caused the Lord to be grieved.
In the end, they'd be better off dead.
And the damned of the Lord will cry out for death
But they'll soon realize that they're wasting their breath.
Track Name: It's Love?
The sky turned black and vanished
In a most peculiar way
Each time the sun appeared it
Shone a sprinkling of grey
I'm sure there was a reason
for the vision we were shown
But we could've acted on it, had we known.

Our shallow hearts are crying
for a deeper kind of caring.
But sexual disease has made us
Fifty times less daring
Afraid to crave the Love
that would enable us to live.
And lacking is the willingness to give

It's Love that makes the world go 'round
But now the world is flat
'Cause Love is just a word today
and that, my friend, is that.

If someone offered you a Love that gave it all for you
and told you it was freely given - then what would you do?
You'd toss it right back in their face and go your merry way!
'Cause there's no room for Love in the world today.
Track Name: My Child, I Love You
Yesterday I was thinkin'-
Or should I say dreamin'-
I woke up in a cold sweat
and found myself screamin'.
I couldn't understand it
'til I lived through the day
I realized then
I had to change my ways.

So I said to myself
as I rolled out of bed
I can't make it through this
I wish I were dead.
Then a voice from inside
my broken heart said,

"O, my child, I Love you!
"No matter what, I'll see you through.
"I know how you're feeling
"deep down inside.
"Don't try to run,
" you know you can't hide!"

So now I'm tryin'
to follow in your way
Lord, keep me safe,
help me grow every day.
Shine on my brothers
I know you Love them, too.
Show them just how much
they can Love you.