Soft Drinks for Terrorists

by aBSenCe of cERaMicS

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grandeped Way indie underground stuff - quirky but alternative late 80s/early90s stuff. Favorite track: Burning Sensations.
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Here's what the critics had to say about "SOFT DRINKS FOR

"Creative, thought provoking, intelligent lyrics reflect on the
dark reality of the pain and despair that exists in our society...
AOC write poignant songs about what they see by the Light."

"This is uplifting and refreshing...alternative music...Get your
hands on this and absorb this before the rapture happens!"
Mark Hodges
Oct. 1989

"Thom and Garth have given us their best songs and music to date.
...a simplicity full of anger and a shaking fist at injustice and
lack of commitment from the listener...There exists a healthy
indignation and anger that things aren't right with us who hear
these songs and by implication who hear God's word...I love this
tape and recommend ya get a copy."
Dan Kennedy
August 1989

"This third independent release from aBSeNce of cERaMicS...shows
growth in all the right places. Songwriters Thom Inglin and Garth
Kolbeck both come up with energetic, guitar-driven progressive
dance tracks, as well as a few more relaxed, '80s folk/rock tunes.
And their lyrics are as direct and snappy as ever."
Sept./Oct. 1989

"... a stunning cassette of original stuff...`ANGER' is an
underground classic..."
Jon Trott
VOL. 18 IS. 91


released June 1, 1989

aBSeNce of cERaMicS is:

Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Harmonica, Drum Programming, Keyboards

Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Drums

additional music friends:
the great K. J. WARNER: Drums on "November Sixth" and undying devotion
BENNETT GRIFFIN: Drums on "Burning Sensations" - See, I said it!
NRBQ: For their dynamite version of the Bonanza! theme
BRUCE COCKBURN: For "Nicaragua"

Jesus Christ, for giving us the only life worth living!
Elizabeth for the layout, for cutting all those soda cans, to her husband Tom for allowing this to go on.
Steve for letting me use the drum machine for so long.
Mike Delaney - man, what can we say? Hope you're just as pleased with this one!
Both sets of parents - sorry for waking you up so late at night so much.
Chuck for encouragement and for running the masters.
All the friends who wrote, bought tapes, and encouraged us when we really needed it.
Thanks to Pam for a great almost two years. I do love you.
Garth thanks everybody, especially Dot!

Produced by Thom L. Inglin, except "Hold" and "Avalanche", produced by Garth Kolbeck

Recorded between April 1989 and June 1989 either in Thom's room or in Garth's room on a Yamaha four-track cassette recorder

"Burning Sensations" recorded July 1988 at Stardust in Trenton, NJ

Track 1 engineered by Chuck
Tracks 2,3,4,6,7,8 engineered by Thom L. Inglin
Tracks 5 & 7 engineered by Garth Kolbeck

all songs copyright 1989 crass music

This cassette is dedicated to Tammy, November 6th, 1988, NJ Turnpike

You can't argue with dead people
They don't don't have much to say
They don't talk,
But they don't ever go away...



all rights reserved


aBSenCe of cERaMicS Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Burning Sensations
w/m Thom L. Inglin

A mass of frustration's invading my soul
I pause for a moment to regain control
And sensing a villainous lack of lament
I drive to the corner to cry

and the Burning Sensations are everywhere
The Burning Sensations are filling the air
Do you, at all, see what they're doing to me?
Sense of burning!

Surrounded by precepts that I don't understand
How can this make sense to an ordinary man?
The pressure is building to make life explode -
All that's heard is a whimpering sigh!

A tree spreads its leave with its gathering might
And time furls its wings it is tired of flight
How can we know what this knowledge will bring?
How can we see without remembering?
A sensation of vertigo is all that we feel,
and the yearning that someday this all will be real!
Track Name: Anger
w/m Thom L. Inglin

I like to see the way you use me
And the pain the using brings
the blinding lies you have created
so I don't know what's happening

a pawn for you accept the gifts
and go swiftly to the fray
you slit the throats of friends and neighbors
you put your children on display

Reality's knocking on your door
the louder it beckons the more you ignore
fiercer and fiercer the fighting becomes
but all you can do is sit there and run!

See the starving little children
screaming, cryinf tears of blood
men and women hurling insults
nail their own hands to the wood
Track Name: Life By Numbers
Around 7:30 Thusday night
Crippled poster children
Pasting pictures of perfect people
With yellow chemo hands

Are we really so perfect?
How perfect can you be?

White tie and tails, black tuxedo
evening jewelled gowns
photographs, desk, family portrait
no pain - no mess

Aerobics every other night
except Sunday of course
evening news sitcoms and "Johnny"
bedtime wake up early
Track Name: Lifting
lifting you up you feel like alive
never thought the break would come
seeking shelter you found none
held together with string and tape
and all the feeling of hope you saved
a fight to keep yourself true
gladness wholness now that it's through
lifting you up you feel like again
Track Name: Hold
I was sitting on my back porch
Wondering who would buy my record,
and would that new bar of soap really get things clean?
Then I realized maybe I wouldn't get famous
Like Andy Warhol, Spike Jones and James Dean!

I'm running through yellow llights
Everything is covered in mold
I'm so glad you're so happy
I've got everything on hold hold hold...

Anger makes me angry I see the sky turn green
Left and right are opposites medium is in between
Then I realized maybe I wouldn't get famous
Like Andy Rooney, Lou Reed and James Dean!
Track Name: November Sixth
Today I saw your heart a moment's glance of pain
And now I cannot tell if I'll ever see you again
Written on your wrists were the crys of deep despair
And all that I could do was show you that someone cared

And my heart cried when you walked away
The pain in my soul will never go away
The cries of the young both silent and painful
To the ears that are closed
Don't you recognize their silent screams?

I cried for you today because you could not cry
I tried to understand the reason why you wanted to die
Now Someone made life worthwhile for you -
won't you listen to the heart
of Someone giving you the chance to make a brand new start?
Track Name: Black Sheep
Track Name: New Generation
I've been thinking about a time
when the world would come to terms with itself
It's a dream I've had for a while
And I hope that other people
have been dreaming with me

And I can see that new generation
A time when we will all be one
Anticipating that new generation
When the world will see the Son

Can it be that no one's seen it
The possibilities for love never end
But love is too much for this tired world
But we've got to get together a
and give it a try

And the end is getting closer
With each dying breath we take
There is too much at stake
To wait around any longer
Track Name: Avalanche
Avalanche can we save her now
Ambulance can we save him now
Hit and run can we save them now
Bank account can we save him now
Suit and tie can we save him now
Needle can we save her now
Knife can we save her now
Punch can we save them now

Are you jkust talking paper?
Are you just melting wax?
Are you buying the pretty picture
and in Hell will burn the facts?

Kick in head can we save her now
Starving dread can we save him now
Hatred can we save them now
Left alone can we save her now
Mobilephone can we save him now
TV news can we save them now
Rescue crews can we save them now