One Last Guy

by aBSenCe of cERaMicS

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released November 1, 1987

Produced by Thom L. Inglin & Chuck Gorish
engineered by Chuck Gorish
recorded @ Stardust Studios, Trenton, NJ



all rights reserved


aBSenCe of cERaMicS Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Video Prostitution
Dancing 'cross the airwaves in your leather lingerie;
Where has your sanity gone?
Caught in a web of immorality with no way out but down,
And your pain cannot be known.

Why do you dance?
And why do you smile?
A wink of the eye
and you set the style.

Video Prostitution, setting the course for the world
Video prostitution - who are the real girls?

The quasi-world you live in is a mass of fear and pain;
Scars that forever remain.
Screaming darkness molds your life, becoming one with Hell,
and your existence is stained.

But can you make restitution
for your video prostitution?
Start a new revolution
with your video prostitution;
Start a new revolution-
Here's your Spiritual consummation.
Track Name: Not a Dream
The pretty way of saying
The things you want to say.
The man upon the TV
the girl who wants her way
the clock upon the mantle,
The gun there in the drawer,
The envy in her eyes, now
the blood upon the floor

Its all a dream.
Tomorrow's awakening.

The laughter forced in anger,
the tears upon her face;
The eyes of sadness, crying;
the loss without a trace.
I knew I should have questioned,
I knew I should have tried;
But now I've got the reason
and tears I should have cried.

It's all a dream.
Tomorrow's awakening.

Thought's personified
haunt your waking hours.
Now there's no more time
to stop and smell the flowers

It's not a dream-
today I realized...
Track Name: But It Goes On...
I used to be my mother's son
Now I'm just my daughter's father.
With a pocket full of quarters I ran along,
musing that life is such a bother.

And if I saw any use for it
I would've kept it from disease.
And mulled the question to the point
and tried my hardest try to please.

But it goes on...

And now I know the point is moot
As the matters takes its root
I should have had a paper route..
Why am I so tired?

But it goes on...
Track Name: Darkening Sky
The darkening sky closes in on my head,
I cannot contain my dread
Of the things I cannot comprehend-
is this the end?

This is the fear I've dreamt about
Developing pain - akin to doubt.
And never too far to enter in
the kingdom of sin

This is the cry I heard in the night,
the anguish of those who
relinquished their fight.
And realized that only pain was the end
to the pleasures of sin.

Where is the Love I've read about,
the kind that enables to banish the doubt.
And the fear of a consciousness
not fully awake
is too much at stake?
Track Name: Possible to Care
I don't know - I don't care
the passing cries are everywhere
but where does sanity expire
and give way to consuming fire

I saw it on the edge of town
a lonely monolith at dawn
with tattered shards of human hope
circling 'round the foot of the slope

A sad reminder of what once was
A hopeful scene of what could be
Are we to hope, or should we despair?
Can we, at last, be free?

But can a man deny the truth
The painful memories of his youth
defy all rationality
and make it hard for him to see.

The joy of wishing the pain of hoping
the disappointing fear of coping
Breakdown walls of deep despair
and make it possible to care
Track Name: By My Side
When I met you I didn't know
How fast my love for you would grow
Now I can't get through any minute
Without a thought of you within it

And I Love you, girl
More than anyone in the world
And I can't get you out of my heart
Even if I tried;
I need to have you by my side.

My love for you is heaven sent,
All other loves just came and went;
But I know God brought us together-
I think I'll love you, babe, forever.

You came into my heart
When didn't expect it
I fell in love with you-
Now who would suspect it?
But the way you look at me
I know all the world can see
That we belong where we are-